22 String Irish Harp

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Elegantly Crafted Instrument Made From Rosewood Combines Quality, Craft and Play-ability Chromatic Tuning Levers Treble and Bass Sound Holes For Sound Clarity

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22 Strings Harp
Nylon String
Tuning key
Harp Bag
Color: Natural
22 Sharping Levers
Hand Crafted Finishing

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Durable, Lightweight Crafting
This beautiful and professional Timber wood 22 string Harp is ideal for all players from the discerning beginner to the more experienced session musician. The quality materials used to ensure a durable yet lightweight body that features striking engraving on both sides.

Extra attention has been paid to the soundboard ensuring an even surface to vibrate, meaning the harp will have a mellow played-in sound straight away, with a rich and well-rounded response across the range. The treble and bass sound holes warrant a clear projection of sound, meaning the harp can sing out in any environment.

Dependable Levers and Fine Tuners
The Levers can be found below the pegs and feature a reliable mechanism that allows you to change your harps tuning with ease when needed. This allows you to raise the pitch of a string by a half step, meaning you can play the harp in many different keys with the flip of a lever.

Fine tuners on the opposite side are designed to keep direct tuning whatever the environment. They allow you to make small adjustments that assist you in keeping your harp in perfect tune.

Construction: Solid Ash Wood
Chromatic Tuning Levers

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