Piper/Drummer Doublet White Blazer, Gold Braid Trim.Collar,Shoulder Cuffs black


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Piper or Drummer Doublet White Blazer, Gold Braid & Trim.
Collar, Shoulder & Cuffs are black.
Made to Order Only.
 100% Wool.
Padded Shoulders.
Fully inside Lining.
2 Side Belt Hooks (where your waist belt will sit).
 Buttons: Thistle design gold.
(Buttons are also available): Square rampant Lion, FD, American Eagle, CSA, 
Thistle Diamond shape, UK Victoria, St Andrew.
Removable gold Braid Shoulder Shells. 
Two pockets behind front flaps.
Please send measurements in inches at the time of ordering. For your 
the convenience we have also listed our self-measuring chart.

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