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Scroll Work / Battle Honors / Custom
Hand Embroidered Bagpipe Banner
Yes, we mean it, 
it can be just anything you want to have on your banner.
Banner specifics 
Brand: Scottish pro
Banner size: 19" x 27"
Embroidery size:  8" x 9"
Embroidery is done on both sides.
Cloth: Toptex - Special embroidery purpose.
Material: Golden Bullion Wires and Threads.
Made: 100% Hand embroidered + crafted.
Usage: Your banner comes with 3 loops on top so that you can 
easily tie on to your bass drone whilst playing your highland pipes.
Making time: Its 3 weeks at most.
 Remember on checkout 
Clan crest name: Any clan crest only.
Banner color: Black, Red, Green, Navy, etc.
Fringe Color: Golden or Silver
 Custom made bagpipe banner: Coat of arms, family crests, and custom design bagpipe banners are also made to order. Please attach your images for embroidery by messaging. Moreover, quantity discounts are also served.

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