New 15 Strings Baby Harp Mini Harp With Carry Bag Tuning Key and Extra String Set


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New 15 String Harp Celtic Harp Lever Harp Baby Harp Mini Harp With Bag and Key 15 Strings Harp Nylon Strings Tuning Key Harp BagColor: Natural Beechwood Lever Semitone Multi color Elegantly Crafted Instrument Made From Beech Wood Combines Quality, Craft and Playability Tuning Levers Multi-Color Special Levers Treble and Bass Sound Holes For Sound Clarity The 15 String Heather Harp by Scottish Pro is an elegantly crafted instrument made from selected beech woods, which combines high-quality solid wood and craftsmanship to create a stunning, lightweight harp. Featuring a treble and bass soundhole and a smooth solid wood soundboard, this harp achieves a clear, well-rounded projection of sound.

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