New 12 String Irish Harp With Carry Bag and Extra String set


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New 12 String Irish Harp With Bag, Key and Extra String set
12 Strings Approximately 21" high. Featuring 12 DuPont hard nylon strings, a range from F above Middle C to High C, no sharpening levers, and has an engraved Sheesham frame with a spruce soundboard. A tuning tool and an extra string set are included. 12-String Playable Miniature Harp 21 inches tall - Makes a Beautiful Decor Piece Handcrafted from solid wood Tuning tool and extra string set included
ITEM SPECIFICATIONS: Item Weight: 4.15 lbs.Item Length: 19 Inches Item Height: 6.25 Inches Item Width: 11.25 Inches SHIPPING SPECIFICATIONS:Ship Weight: 12 lbs.Ship Length: 21 Inches Ship Height: 8 Inches Ship Width: 15 Inches
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