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Scottish pro Harp range has been created with the student, beginner, and hobbyist in mind. Developed and designed in Scottishpro headquarters in Dublin, we have a superb selection for any buyer. Each Celtic & Folk Harp consists of stunning handcrafted designs, a hardwood frame made from a selection of timbers, a tonewood soundboard, nylon strings, quick-release levers, and durable tuning pins and bridge pins.
11 String Harp Knotwork Rosewood
Scottish pro-Harp,11 Strings Rosewood Knotwork - Scottishpro proudly presents to you one of its best product that is an 8 Strings harp. It is a Solid String Harp with Knotwork carvings which adds a delightful appeal to it. It is approximately 15" high in length and mostly used as a folk musical instrument. It also Features 11 DuPont hard nylon strings as a normal design, a range from C above Middle C to High C, and no sharpening levers. Interestingly Scottishpro makes it with strong wood named Sheesham and an engraved frame is a beautiful addition.

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